200 Nahatan Street

Westwood, MA 02090


Secretary General: Jess Muzzi, 19jmuzzi@wpsstudents.org

Advisor: Christopher Hilton, chilton@westwood.k12.ma.us

UNFCCC Crisis 2030

The year is 2030, and the world as a whole has not met its goal of reducing emissions by 45%, set by the IPCC report in 2018. Some nations with the means to significantly reduce their emissions have done so, with many smaller countries actively converting to renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprint. But many large industrialized nations have failed to take initiative in reducing their emissions effectively. The entire world is now facing at least 2°C of warming, and drastic changes need to be made to confront the already present issues of climate change refugees, food shortages, and the changing energy market.

For questions or concerns regarding this committee, please contact Hannah Shaby at 19hshaby@wpsstudents.org

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