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The Cuban Council of Ministers 1959

Following the triumph of Fidel Castro’s guerrilla army in the Cuban Revolution of 1959, many things are still up in the air. As the Cold War rages on, Castro’s Council of Ministers must decide Cuba’s place in an increasingly divided world and determine how to stabilize a country that has faced decades of corruption, sugar imperialism, and authoritarianism. Each delegate will assume the role of a Minister in the Council, and although all the Ministers are committed to a free and self-governing Cuba, moderate and radical blocs will have divergent and sometimes conflicting priorities. The committee will be structured in a historical crisis format, where delegates will pass directives concerning international and military affairs, as well as domestic policies and internal improvements. As the work of the committee unfolds during the period 1959-1962, delegates will need to address pivotal crisis events that will drastically change the course of the committee.

For questions or concerns regarding this committee, please contact Isaac Feinfeld at

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