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Mass & Cass: Approaching One Neighborhood’s Homelessness Crisis

This fast-paced crisis committee will take place at a meeting of the Boston City Council and be based on the ongoing struggle with homelessness and inequality in the “Mass and Cass” area in the South End of Boston. Here, poor living conditions and drug abuse are severe problems for the homeless, trapping them in a cycle of poverty. Furthermore, nearby communities are concerned about the implications of having large numbers of homeless residents in their area, citing safety concerns and rising crime rates. Delegates will be tasked with finding creative, relevant, and humane solutions, specifically regarding the potential clearing of encampments, and they will examine the specific situation at Mass and Cass, along with the broader issues of narcotics and housing. This committee will expand each delegate’s understanding of the intersection of our daily lives with the broader struggles of society.

For questions or concerns regarding this committee, please contact Alex Verticov at

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