200 Nahatan Street

Westwood, MA 02090


Secretary General: Jess Muzzi, 19jmuzzi@wpsstudents.org

Advisor: Christopher Hilton, chilton@westwood.k12.ma.us

Democratic National Convention 2020

It is two weeks before the 2020 Democratic National Convention, and anticipation is as high as ever. Candidates and their teams work tirelessly, campaigning in every possible form. Attendees await the thrill of debate and are eager to cast their votes. Be it through the lens prominent democratic public figure, a 2020 presidential candidate, or a member of any given candidate's campaign team, delegates will find themselves unified in their celebration of democratic ideals, while candidates vie to be the nation's democratic frontrunner. 

For questions or concerns regarding this committee, please contact Olvia Bloukos at 20obloukos@wpsstudents.org

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