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Owen Duffy


Owen Duffy has been a member of the Westwood Model United Nations club for four years. He spends an inordinate amount of time reading fantasy books, a vice that has dogged him his entire life. Unable to cope without stories filled with magic and epic plots, he found an outlet for this energy serving as Crisis Director for the Harry Potter/Ministry joint-crisis committee in last year's conference. This year he will be serving as Secretary-General.


Richard Li

Under-Secretary-General and Crisis Director: GOP and GOT

Richard Li has been participating in Model UN for 3 years. He served as Co-Chair for the Russian Cabinet in the Russia/NATO joint crisis in last year's conference. This year, he will be serving as Crisis Director for the GOP and Game of Thrones committees. In his free time, he enjoys eating the pepperoni off his pizza, drinking water, and watching TV shows. His favorites are Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones (seasons 1-4, 5-7 are SO overrated). He will be using inspiration from these shows to come up with captivating and riveting crises. 


Smita Chatterjee

Crisis Director: Facebook BoD and Brentrance 2019

Smita Chatterjee has been a member of the Westwood Model United Nations Club for three years. When not directing crises, she enjoys haunting local coffee shops and causing a ruckus every Monday afternoon. She served as Co-Crisis Director and Ministry Chair of the Hogwarts/Ministry joint-crisis committees in last year's conference. She will be serving as Crisis Director for the Facebook Board of Directors and Brentrance 2019 committees. Look out. 


Allison Marcus

Undersecretary of Finance and Chair of Game of Thrones

Allison Marcus has been a part of Westwood Model UN for four years. She is passionate about politics, and hopes to pursue biology in college. At WestwoodMUNC II she will be serving as the Undersecretary of Finance and chair of the Game of Thrones crisis committee.


Jack Stebbins

Crisis Chair: GOP 2018

Jack Stebbins has been a member of Model U.N. for two years. He is a swimmer and a singer. He has always been fascinated by people who disagree with him, and exactly why they are so, unbelievably wrong. In his quest to understand such individuals, Jack went undercover as an old, white, Republican man. He has spent countless hours researching the deep complexities of the Republican Party, a journey that has ended with his GOP crisis committee.


Jess Muzzi

Crisis Chair: Facebook Board of Directors

Jess Muzzi has been an active member of the Westwood Model United Nations Club for three years. When not in a debate, she is a competitive fencer and hopes to pursue her passion for debate by studying criminal law in college. She will be acting as chair (Marc Zuckerberg) of the "Fake News" Russia Crisis at WestwoodMUNC II.


Alex Bloukos

Crisis Chair: Brentrance 2019

Alex Bloukos is a junior at Westwood High School who has been a member of the Model United Nations Club since his freshman year. He has an avid interest in politics and international relations, and hopes to pursue the latter in college so as to become an international lawyer. At WestwoodMUNC II, he will be chairing the Brentrance 2019 committee.


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