Chinese Detention Camp Crisis

Recently, the Chinese government has undergone the process of establishing centers for “vocational skills improvement." The Chinese government has been accused of using these center to force ideologies and behaviors. Some see these centers as the locking up innocent minorities and brainwashing them in their thoughts and language. Is this a misunderstanding and oversimplification of a voluntary Chinese program that exist to help people find work in China? How does Chinese technology companies and artificial intelligence play a role in collecting data in order to establish a new form of social control? Are there countries outside of China that are affected by this? How should the international community respond? What measures must be taken to ensure these centers are shut down -- if they should be at


For questions or concerns regarding this committee, please contact Ruby Fyffe at


200 Nahatan Street

Westwood, MA 02090


Secretary General: Olvia Bloukos,

Advisor: Christopher Hilton,

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