Will Vaccaro

Secretary General

Will Vaccaro is a senior at Westwood High School and Secretary-General of Westwood MUN. As Secretary-General, he oversees WestwoodMUNC IV. This is his 4th year in MUN. Outside of MUN, Will enjoys playing bass, acting in the musical, and hiking. 


Ruby Fyffe

Head Delegate

Ruby has been doing Model UN ever since 8th grade. Her first conference, Westwood MUNC II, made her fall in love with MUN, and she has been a part of the club ever since. This year, she is Westwood MUN's Head Delegate and oversees the RNC and the Meat Packing Industry committees. When Ruby is not at MUN conferences, she's probably at swim practice or watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix. 

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Derek Miller

Technology Secretary

Derek is a senior at Westwood High School, and this is his second year participating in MUN. He quickly developed a liking for it, and has since attended numerous conferences. He believes that civil discourse is the best hope at mending the political strife we see in the world today, which is partly why he places such great importance on the activity. Besides MUN, Derek enjoys playing chess, trading stocks, and assisting fellow students.

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Lucy Vitali

SCC Co-Chair

Lucy Vitali is a junior at Westwood High School who will be co-chairing the Constitutional Convention committee. This is her first time co-chairing and she is beyond excited for this experience. Model UN has been a passion of hers for years and she believes her committee will spark interesting debate and serve as a fun opportunity for delegates new and old. She can’t wait to see delegates at this conference in the spring!

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Marcus Kelly

RNC Chair

Marcus Kelly is a Sophomore at Westwood High School and is a second year member of Model UN. Marcus also enjoys running Cross Country and Track. He also plays piano and is the Secretary of his class. Goodluck to all delegates, do your best! 


Diya Gopal

War of the Roses Co-Chair

Diya Gopal is a senior at Westwood Highschool. She has been part of Model UN at since 9th grade, and over the years has grown to really enjoy it. She learns more about our world through MUN and is able to immerse herself in historical events. Model UN has taught her how to carry myself, and how to be a confident public speaker, Beyond school, she is a black belt in Karate, loves to draw and paint, and loves to spend time with friends.


Vijay Sherring

Meatpacking Industry Co-Chair

Vijay Sherring is a junior and has been involved in Westwood Model UN since he was a freshman. In his free time he is involved in track and field for Westwood High School and enjoys hurdles and high jump. He is really looking forward to the conference! 


Jack Macy

Deputy Secretary General

Jack Macy is a senior at Westwood High School and the Deputy Secretary General for Westwood MUN.  He has been in Model UN for 3 years and hopes to continue throughout college.  He is excited to chair his first committee due to his last one being canceled due to COVID.  Besides Model UN, Jack enjoys soccer, swimming, coding, and learning about the field of medicine. 


Michael Bligh

Communications Secretary

Michael Bligh is a senior at Westwood High School and the Head of Social Media for Westwood MUN. He has been doing Model UN for three years. Besides Model UN, Michael enjoys running, playing the guitar, geography, and hanging out with friends.


Rachel Marcus

SCC Chair

Rachel Marcus is a Junior at Westwood High School and is chairing the Constitutional Convention committee. This is her first time chairing  and she cannot wait to see how the committee unfolds. She loves politics and history and is so excited to see how they overlap in this committee! 

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Mia Warrington

RNC Chair

Mia Warrington is a Sophomore at Westwood Highschool who will be chairing the Republican National Convention 2024 committee. This is her second year doing Model UN, where she has developed the invaluable skills of debate and communication. Outside of Model UN, some of her interests are soccer, track, piano, and women’s club, and she is the treasurer of her class. She is beyond excited to bring this committee together and cannot wait to see you in the Spring!

Annie Li

War of the Roses Chair

Annie Li is currently a senior at Westwood High School. She was first introduced to Model UN by her brother, joining in her freshman year. MUN has been a valuable opportunity to dive into world issues that she would have otherwise overlooked or superficially understood, and debating has been a great way to boost her confidence, eloquence, and problem-solving skills. Outside of academics, Annie enjoys spending time outdoors with family, listening to music, dancing, reading, painting, and creative writing. 


Alex Vertikov

Meatpacking Industry Chair

Alex Vertikov is a sophomore here at Westwood High School. This is his second year participating in Model UN, and he also plays the clarinet in our school Wind Ensemble, plays tennis, and participates in Academic Decathlon.