200 Nahatan Street

Westwood, MA 02090


Secretary General: Jess Muzzi, 19jmuzzi@wpsstudents.org

Advisor: Christopher Hilton, chilton@westwood.k12.ma.us


Jess Muzzi

Secretary General

Jess Muzzi has been involved in the Westwood High Model UN club since her freshman year, and hopes to continue to participate in college. While she still has no idea where she will be going next year, she plans to major in pre-law to later go onto graduate school. She will be acting as the Secretary-General for Westwood MUNC III.

Email: 19jmuzzi@wpsstudents.org

Alex Bloukos

Crisis Chair: 2030 Climate Change, 1980 Climate Change, Middle School

​Alex Bloukos is a senior at Westwood High School who has been a member of the Model United Nations Club since his freshman year. He has an avid interest in politics and international relations, and hopes to pursue the latter in college so as to become an international lawyer. He will be acting as Crisis Chair for both climate change committees and the middle school committee.

Email: 19abloukos@wpsstudents.org

Phil Bligh

Chair: 1980s Climate Change

Philip Bligh will be acting as the Chair for the 1980's Climate Change Crisis. He is a senior at Westwood High School, and he has been part of Westwood’s Model UN club since his freshman year. Outside of Model UN he runs cross country and track year-round, and he plans on studying history and government in college. The history of climate change is fascinating for high school students to explore, so he hopes that this committee will be a fun and informative experience for all involved.

Email: 19pbligh@wpsstudents.org 

Kira Hobson

Chair: 2008 Financial Crisis

Kira Hobson is a senior at Westwood High School, and she has been a part of Westwood’s Model UN club since her sophomore year. Outside of Model UN, she runs cross country and track, plays piano, and manages my school’s outdoor adventure club. She is beyond excited to be chairing the 2008 Financial Crisis Crisis (not a typo) committee this spring. Kira is very interested in Economics and hopes to share her passion for the subject with those in her committee!

Email: 19khobson@wpsstudents.org 

Hannah Shaby

Chair: 2030 Climate Change

Hannah Shaby will be acting as the chair for the 2030 Climate Change Crisis. She is currently a senior at Westwood High, and this will be her 3rd year in Model UN. In college she hopes to study environmental policy and economics. She looking forward to combining her interest in the environment with politics, and generating discussion surrounding global climate change. 

Email: 19hshaby@wpsstudents.org

Olvia Bloukos

Chair: DNC 2020

Olvia Bloukos is a junior at Westwood High School, and has been participating in Model UN for 3 years. She is very excited to be chairing the DNC Committee. Besides Model UN, Olvia swims for Gator Swim Club, and enjoys going to SoulCycle. 

Email: 20obloukos@wpsstudents.org

Alexandra Lapin

Co-Chair: Security Council

Alexandra Lapin is a junior at Westwood High School. Out of school, she plays volleyball and  the cello. She is interested in this committee because she thinks it is a very important topic and discussing it with young children like yourselves secures our future. She looks forward to hearing your ideas on the issue at hand.

Email: 20alapin@wpsstudents.org

Jason Moy

Co-Chair: 2008 Financial Crisis

 Jason Moy is a senior, and this is his third year doing Model UN. Outside of Model UN he enjoys playing soccer, running track, and doing ceramics. He is excited to co-chair the 2008 Financial Crisis Crisis Committee, especially with his added understanding from taking AP Economics this year.

email: 19jmoy@wpsstudents.org

Tory Webb-Johnson

Co-Chair: 2008 Financial Crisis

Tory Webb-Johnson is a senior at Westwood and she has been a member of MUN for 1 year. Beside MUN, she is also the captain of that varsity soccer team, a member of both National Honors Society and Tri-M Music Honors Society, and she plays club soccer outside of school. She will be co-chairing the 2008 Financial Crisis Crisis Committee, and she chose this committee because she has an interest in economics and believes the topic of this committee will be incredibly fun to watch and participate in.

email: 19vjohnson@wpsstudents.org

Maeve Patton

Co-Chair: DNC 2020

Maeve Patton is a junior at Westwood High. She has been doing Model UN since the beginning of her sophomore year. Other than Model UN, she plays volleyball and participates in the school musical. she is interested in the DNC 2020 committee, as she loves American politics. After closely following the 2016 election, she has been fascinated by the election process. She is excited to explore this committee with all of you!

email: 20mpatton@wpsstudents.org

Will Vaccaro

Co-Chair: 1980 Climate Change

Will Vaccaro will be your Co-Chair in the Historical Climate Change committee. He is a sophomore at Westwood High School and has done Model United Nations for two years. Other than Model UN, he plays the cello and participates in the winter musical. He is excited to be working with you in this historic committee.

email: 21wvaccaro@wpsstudents.org

Emily Burbo

Co-Chair: Middle School Security Council

Emily Burbo is a junior at Westwood High School. This is her third year in model UN and she is looking forward to chairing the Yemen Security Council Committee.

email: 20eburbo@wpsstudents.org

Bridget Rodig

Co-Chair: Climate Change 2030

Bridget Rodig is a senior at Westwood High School. She has been a part of Model UN since she was a sophomore, and she is thrilled to be able to Co-Chair this year. Outside of MUN, she competes on the varsity soccer team and plays the trumpet in the school’s jazz band. She is particularly excited for her committee, as she is a large advocate for new environmentally-friendly policies and innovations.
email: 19brodig@wpsstudents.org

Katya Vertikova

Co-chair: Middle School Security Council

email: 20kvertikova@wpsstudents.org

Nehal Nagalla

Co-chair: Security Council

Nehal Nagalla will be one of your chairs for WestwoodMUNC III’s The Security Council: Yemeni Civil War. He is currently a junior at Westwood High School and has been participating in Westwood High School’s Model UN club for two years.

email: 20nnagalla@wpsstudents.org

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