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Committees 2019

Democratic National Convention 2020

It is two weeks before the 2020 Democratic National Convention, and anticipation is as high as ever. Candidates and their teams work tirelessly, campaigning in every possible form. Attendees await the thrill of debate and are eager to cast their votes. Be it through the lens prominent democratic public figure, a 2020 presidential candidate, or a member of any given candidate's campaign team, delegates will find themselves unified in their celebration of democratic ideals, while candidates vie to be the nation's democratic frontrunner. 

Symbols of Democrat and Republican parti

2008 Financial Crisis

In 2008, America experienced its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The national housing bubble had collapsed, large financial institutions faced bankruptcy, and the resulting liquidity crisis sent ripples throughout the global economy. 2.6 million Americans lost their jobs that year alone. The 2008 Financial Crisis committee will take the form of a presidential commission -- a group of Federal Reserve officials, politicians, and bank CEOs tasked with advising President Bush. How will they decide to handle the recession? Will they let the banks go under, or are they “too big to fail?” Can they restore American jobs, or will the American people feel the ramifications of this crisis for years to come?


UNFCCC Crisis 2030


The year is 2030, and the world as a whole has not met its goal of reducing emissions by 45%, set by the IPCC report in 2018. Some nations with the means to significantly reduce their emissions have done so, with many smaller countries actively converting to renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprint. But many large industrialized nations have failed to take initiative in reducing their emissions effectively. The entire world is now facing at least 2°C of warming, and drastic changes need to be made to confront the already present issues of climate change refugees, food shortages, and the changing energy market.



UN Security Council: Yemen

(High School and Middle School)


Delegates assigned varying countries will discuss and debate steps to be taken in response to the crisis in Yemen, the internal issues of civil war, as well as civilian casualties due to Saudi Arabian intervention and activity. The military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Yemen has killed thousands of civilians in airstrikes and tortured detainees — actions that may amount to war crimes, as explained by United Nations investigators. It is up to the delegates of this committee to research the views of their assigned country with focus on Saudi’s Arabia’s war in Yemen, and propose appropriate actions to be taken. Delegates may come up with such ideas as getting involved directly with Yemen, by force or communication, or they may look for a way to deal with this issue without direct intervention.


1980's Climate Change Crisis

It is the year 1979, and an EPA report mentioned the possibility of catastrophic temperature rises. Subsequent reports claimed that Earth's agricultural system would fail, global food and water shortages would force mass migration, the equator would become inhabitable, and the Antarctic ice sheet would melt. It was a decade where oil companies, politicians, and scientists alike agreed on the scope of the issue. Yet by 1989, despite record-high temperatures and conclusive scientific evidence, the United States had made only vague promises to limit carbon emissions. This United States climate crisis committee will be composed of politicians, scientists, oil and gas executives, and journalists. Will they solve humanity's greatest crisis, or live with Earth's devastating consequences?

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