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Committees 2018

GOP Committee

It is two weeks until the 2018 elections, a divided Republican Party is meeting after a series of polls showing diminishing support for the Right. The group is attempting to leverage their control of Congress in order to unite and push their far-right agenda through Congress before they risk losing their majority. The divide in the party is present as establishment Republicans and groups like the House Freedom Caucus remain at odds about the point at which ideology should be traded for votes. Additionally, lobbyists and individuals like the NRA and the Koch brothers continue to direct the actions of the GOP to benefit their own fortunes. In the face of the loss of power, the Republican Party must unite to remain in charge.

Facebook Board of Directors

It is a year after the 2016 United States presidential election, and it has come to light that the Russian Federation attempted to influence the outcome. US intelligence agencies have discovered that Russia purchased upwards of $100,000 in ads on Facebook alone; however, there are still discrepancies over whether or not Russia should be held accountable for their supposed actions. The committee must come together and decide the extent to which Facebook, as well as other social media companies, can take action against the Russians and their creation of “fake news.”

Brentrance Committee

The time is up for Britain. It is 2019, and they have just left the European Union on unfavorable terms. Paying a high divorce bill and losing the perks of the European Economic Area, Britain has been left economically stranded. Within this committee, delegates representing various European Union bodies, as well as the British government, will have to find a solution regarding these critical issues. Does Britain rejoin the European Union? If Britain wants to rejoin, should it have to join the euro? Should the European Union allow it?

Game of Thrones Committee

The year is now 298 AL and King Robert of House Baratheon has just died after a drunken boar hunt. The throne is left open for the taking, and there is a clear power struggle between the newly appointed Hand of the King, Lord Eddard Stark, and Robert’s queen, Cersei Lannister. Lord Eddard manages to secure the throne and has called a meeting of all the lords to discuss the issues plaguing Westeros. What internal and external threats does Westeros face? How will Westeros protect itself? This committee must work to protect the realm from any and all dangers. Delegates must work together and exploit each other to achieve their goals and secure the future of the realm. 

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